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How to operate your NAHO, Mini personal Nuclear Detector !

First, you will have to start your Naho by letting it take charge in the sunlight up to three hours, with the solar panel up. After that, push on the back button to check Naho is working properly. It will beep three times.
Once this charge is done, you can handle it with you everywhere you want. You can handle it with a Neckstrap or attach it to your favorite bag in order to keep it with you all the time.
Please take care not to plunge it in water, since it is not water resistant.
Naho will scan all time long your environment radiation and alert you in case of abnormal levels.
We built it with 3 alert-levels, you will find reminders of these levels at the back of your Naho :


1st Alarm

The first alarm starts when the radiation is 25 times up to the natural background (less than 2,5µSv/h). It beeps three times every second. This level is not an immediate danger for your health.  Nevertheless, we advise you to take shelter indoors and if the alarm doesn't stop during the day, leave the place ;

Alarme 1

2nd Alarm

The second level corresponds to 250 times the natural radiation (0.025 mSv/h) and means; if you don't have a bomb shelter, leave as soon as possible your location. Naho beeps continuously. Stay sheltered and be aware to decontaminate yourself and your family, and also take with you the vital stuff you prepared in case of an emergency.

Alarme 2
If you are in the contaminated area and beeps permanent Naho you tired, you cantemporarily silence the alarm by clicking three times on the button. Naho will reset to alert you if it detects that the radiation level increases.

You will find .pdf documentation in the "download" section placed under the description of each product in the shop. 


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