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Frequently Asked Questions

May I put Naho in my pocket ?

Yes, Naho detects the radioactivity gamma through clothes.


Can I use Naho to detect food contamination  ?

No, Naho detects radiocativity in the surrounding radiation. The contamination in food is dangerous for very low levels because it is ingested and contaminates you from the inside. It does not constitute an important source of ambient irradiation.


Can I use Naho anywhere ?

Yes, Naho works everywhere. You can very well use it to watch radioactivity  in your house like for a smoke detector. If you live next to a Nuclear Basic installation, it will alert you in case of problems.


Is Naho going to alert me if the rain is radioactive or of the presence of a cloud of radioactive particles ?

Yes, Naho works whenever radiation stemming from punctual or diffuse sources affect you. Such radiation are detected by Naho which will immediatly alert you that the radioactivity around you is abnormally raised.


Naho is triggered by my handphone ringing ?

Naho is detects radiations. The broadcasts of mobile phones are filtered but it happens that in particular and rare conditions, they can disrupt the Naho's detection (i.e : lot of mobiles and wifi together, poor GSM reception ). 


If I let Naho in the sunshine, will it damage it ?

The battery and other elements support very well the prolonged heats. On the other hand, right in the sunshine, the temperature should not overtake 55°C at the risk of deterioration of the Li-Po battery. Therefore, avoid leaving your Naho behind the windscreen of automobile, for example.


I have left my Naho at the bottom of a drawer and it does not inform me that the battery is low, can the battery be completely empty ?

When the battery of Naho is completely full, it works non-stop for a period of 3 months before informing you that batteries are low by 2 beeps every minute. If it is totally empty, put it back in the sunshine during 3 hours to reload it for another 5 months. Press on the button button to verify if the load is good.


My Naho violently fell on the floor, will it still work ?

Yes, Naho is shock resistant (violent shocks are however not considered " normal condition of use" under our guarantee) . Check that the case and the solar panel are not damaged and press on the test button to check that it works. If it makes 3 beeps, it is ready to continue to protect you.


Is Naho waterproof ?

No, it will support projections of water and dust but it cannot be immersed without damaging it definitively.


Does Naho work at night ?

Yes, it works 24H / 24.


My keys knocked on the Naho and it sounded, is it normal ?

Yes, Naho bears very well with shocks, but too numerous shocks (small or big) can disrupt it. If keys or coins permanently knocks your Naho, the measure is totally erroneous can activate the Naho. We thus recommend that you do not use it as key ring.


May I take the plane with my Naho ?

Naho will detect and may ring when you will cross it in the X-rays in the airport. And also if you fly an intercontinental flight at 10km altitued, the radiation you receive is strong enough to activate regularly the alarm 2 of Naho. When this one rings, press 3 times on the push-button to stop the alarm and remain serene during the duration of the flight. Do not forget to inform the staff about the presence of the detector so that ther is no misunderstanding.


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