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   Smart, reliable and easy to use

   Monitors the radioactivity for you

   Suitable for necklace or fixed to your bag or in a pocket, you will keep it with you everywhere

   Several colors available !

   Very low consumption, high technology, patented

   Long life battery : several months for 3 solar charging hours

   2 understandable levels - easy to recognize

   Temporary silence mode (beeps again when the level is increasing)

   Test circuit button

   Low Batt alert


Technical Specifications


•• Detects Gamma radiation: 80 keV to > 4MeV.

•• Detection Range: 2,5μSv/h to > 5mSv/h.

•• Alarm threshold : 2 alarms


@ 2,5μSv/h; Alarm 1 : several rings per second.


@ 25μSv/h; Alarm 2 : continuous ring.


•• Sensitivity: 100 pulses/μSv

•• Operational indicator: Test button, 3 rings if ok.

•• Alarm loudness: 65 dBA at 4Khz.

•• Power supply: solar panel and battery, 3 to 10 hours of charge (depending of the sun brightness) can give up to four months of autonomy,depending of the usage - Low battery alarm.

•• Detector: Silicon sensor of 7,5mm2 sensitive area (Located under the point on the third symbol luggage).

•• Case: Radiation transparent, abrasion resistant ABS plastic.

•• Response Time: Dose rate dependent:


  •  ~8 - 12 min. 2,5μ@Sv/h.
  •  a couple of seconds @ 25μSv/h. 

•• Over range detection: 10mSv/h. 

•• Operating temperature range : -10°C to + 45°C


   approx : 62 x 42 x 13 mm

   approx : 30 g weight


   Housing and circuitry : One year in normal use conditions

Note  : not suitable for deaf people, not for professionnal use.

NAHO is an affordable Mini personal Nuclear Detector !

Designed to be with you everywhere, it will alert you in case of nuclear hazard.

We designed it to be very simple to use and to understand. It is ideal to protect your family. Its alarms are clear enough to warn children of danger. Unlike other Nuclear Detection devices, it works all day and is small enough to be with you all day long.

With its solar panel, Naho is self-powered. Only 3 hours of sun exposure will allow it to work several months.

It’s your Jiminy Cricket against Nuke dangers.


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